Do You Have A Buyers Mindset

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You and I both know that you got started online in hopes of earning some money online.

After all we all hear those stories about how the internet lifestyle is right around the corner. Yet no one tells you why so many people will fail online.

Yet it seems like you’re in a vicious cycle…you end up in a cycle of buying product after product and not getting the results you want online.

Several of those stories talk about how easy it is to earn money online. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not as easy as it seems, otherwise we would all be making money online and quitting our jobs.

So what I wanted to talk about is a buyers mindset.

It’s totally different than someone who has a sellers mindset.

Before you can begin making money online, you have to take a look at your habits and your mindset.

Chances are your thoughts are what’s holding you back.

Buyers think differently than sellers.

How Do Buyers Think?

Buyers are very different than someone who sells products online.

  • A buyer makes all kinds of excuses about why they can’t create their own product.
  • A buyer tends to believe that they have to keep learning and learning before they can begin selling.
  • They are always looking for that next MAGIC button that will help them get the success they want.
  • They keep jumping from one method to another and unfortunately never make anything work.
  • They blame the product creator when they can’t make money.
  • They blame everyone and refuse to take responsibility for their own results.


Look I used to be a buyer in fact, I still have access to so many products on my hard drive that I’ve purchased in the past.

In fact, I still purchase some products.

However, the difference is that now I only purchase products that I absolutely know will help me grow my business.

I also don’t blame the product creator if I don’t get the same results.

One thing I’ve learned from buying product after product in the past.

Just because someone got their specific results doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the same results.

It amazes me when buyers get upset because they didn’t get the same results.

Look you can’t buy a product based on the income results the creator is earning.

This is actually one of the reasons that I don’t like posting screenshots of online earnings.

Why Screenshot Earnings Suck

We’ve all seen those products that claim that you can make this amount of money online if you just purchase this particular product.

I think those types of sales pages are misleading because the buyer walks into the purchase thinking that they will be able to make that much.

While I am not saying that it’s not possible. However, you need to remember that just because those methods worked for that particular person, does not mean that it will work for you.

Now I am not saying that you won’t make any money if you purchase that particular product.

However, the product creator can’t guarantee that you will make the same amount of money or more.

Why There Is No Guarantee How Much You Will Make

I know that we would all love to purchase products online that guarantee that we will make money.

However, the truth is that the product creator can’t guarantee it because they don’t know your work ethics.

  • Will you put in what it takes to make that product work?
  • How much time and effort will you put into the method before you start looking for something else?

Believe it or not, many people don’t give something a chance to work before they start jumping to something else.

It’s much easier for someone who has a buyers mindset to jump to another method that promises them easy money online.

You Have To Stop Jumping From One Method To Another

Look there are no secrets to making money online.

In fact, you could easily go to YouTube and watch video after video on how to make money and you won’t learn anything new.

When you purchase a product you are making it easier for yourself because you purchase the information that you need, instead of having to spend hours trying to find it online.

That is all that info products are. They are information that will make it easier for you to achieve what you want.

There’s no guarantee in any info product that you will make money. (at least nothing I’ve purchased in the past has provided me a guarantee that I’ll make money)

However, you as a buyer needs to realize that it’s time to plant your feet down and work on that method until you master it and see the profits from your hard work.

Now you may be thinking but it takes too long.

Look no one ever said that making money online was simple and you would see the results quickly.

If you are serious about earning an online income, then you have to make the decision to stick with a method until you see the results you want.

The Biggest Mistake I Made When I Got Online

I have to admit that I was a complete buyer when I first got started.

I would get started with something online that I purchased and then I found myself getting stuck a lot and instead of researching and educating myself I would go purchase another product.

I would see another product that claimed “Make $XX.XX Online In Just 20 Days!”

Of course I wanted money and it sounded so simple, plus the product creator was making money with the system. So off I went and purchased the product.

So long story short, it didn’t work for me so I went back and purchased another product.

It was a vicious cycle that never seemed to stop. The worst part is that I ended up spending so much money it wasn’t funny.

Buyers Are On A Vicious Cycle

Look I can’t tell you to stop buying products, eventually you will realize what you’re doing.

Unfortunately we all have to learn from our own mistakes.

How do I know this?

Because I made a terrible mistake several years ago when I decided to walk away from my job because I thought that making money online would be extremely easy.

My friends and family tried to tell me I was making a mistake.

I didn’t listen…no matter how much they kept telling me.

So I quit my job before I was making a single “red cent” online.

I struggled online and found myself having to get a part-time job after part-time job just to pay the monthly bills.

So What’s My Point?

My point is that you need to stop buying product after product just looking for that Magic Button.

Unfortunately there is no magic button that will skyrocket you to success.

Earning an income online is going to require you to work hard.

There is no short cut to success. I don’t care what anyone tells you…if they tell you that it can be done without a lot of effort, they are lying.

Sure they’ve probably found a system that works for them…however, how long did it take for them to get that system to work?

They’ve probably studied and researched that method till they became an expert in their niche.

You can become an expert in your niche as well.

However, you have to pick a method and keep studying and always willing to learn until you master it.

Sellers understand this and they are willing to educate themselves and learn everything they need to know about their chosen niche.

Time To Share

Have you ever purchased a product because of the screenshot earnings that they had on their sales page?

Do you base your personal outcome on the screenshots from the product creator?

Do you blame everyone else when you can’t get a system to work for you or that you still haven’t reached your goals?

Journey To Full-Time Income

Susan Velez


  1. Mark says


    Where were you when I started!LOL! I could have saved so much time, money and effort!

    I had no idea I was suffering primarily from a “buyers mindset!”
    It sounds like you have written my Internet marketing journey early on!

    And like you, I too thought it would only take a mere two -three weeks, in order to master the fundamentals of successful online marketing!

    Talk about a reality check!

    But it’s so refreshing to read a post where the author is telling it like it is! Thanks! I found your blog while leaving a comment on Kevin Carlton’s.

    Glad I did and will definitely start sharing your thought provoking (reality based!) content! Thanks! And continued success!

    • IM With Susan Velez says

      Hi Mark,

      Welcome to my blog, glad that I could help in some way. I know what you mean about thinking one would get faster results when they first start out. I think we all think like that.

      Hope you have a great day. null

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